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January 2018



In a commercial kitchen you may find that it’s rather dark underneath the hood, it’s a crucial area to keep well lit. The correct lighting within a kitchen can determine and enhance the performance of those working within this industry. It’s important to use the correct kitchen light fixture that conforms to current regulations and legislations within food safety and contamination abatement.

It’s notoriously difficult to ensure a light area underneath the hood when relying upon external lights outside of this hooded area. This can cause all sorts of problems for the Chef, including, but not limited to, the inability to see when your prepared dish is cooked to the standard that you wish. There-fore it is imperative to choose the right lighting to ensure absolute control of your dish. Not to mention that it will save you money in the long run.

Safety within the kitchen has always been a topic of great concern, the correct lighting progresses the safety level within an environment and will support your kitchen staff by enabling them to clearly see what they are doing.

Air 8’s Bulkhead Kitchen Canopy Light Fitting will take up to a 100W Edison Screw bulb, these particular lights are designed specifically for the industry and come with a standard fitment for base-level commercial kitchen canopies. Although not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as recessed or surface mounted stainless steel fitments, these kitchen canopy surface mounted lighting units serve a purpose and provide lighting to the required commercial kitchen Lux levels set out within DW172 specifications.

It is important to ensure that a kitchen canopy lighting fixture is an IP65 rated waterproof sealed lighting enclosure. This is important due to condense entering the bulkhead, once this happens it will seriously deteriorate the inner wiring and can cause fuse outs. It’s a hot place under the hood which means that the actual bulkhead must be made out of aluminium with a glass front, many commercial Kitchen Canopy Bulkhead Lights are made from plastic or poly carbonate which will melt under heat or fat splashes. We have ensure that our lights are heat resistant to 40 degrees centigrade as standard (104 deg.F)

For optimum lighting and best results, you should install one bulkhead light, (with the quality/output found in Air 8 UK’s), every 3 metres. The number of commercial kitchen canopy surface mounted bulk head lights required is dependent upon the actual commercial kitchen canopy size

Posted by Air 8 UK Limited on 30 January 2018 19:28

Air 8 UK Supplies and installs Laundry Chute Kits for do it yourself installers (DIY Laundry Chute Kits). The stainless steel 316 grade parts are highly resistant to corrosion.
Some people make the common mistake of installing laundry chutes using galvanized steel, normally to save money and still achieve the desire to own one. Although galvanised steel laundry chutes perform the function just as well as stainless ones, once they get scratched inside or you need to clean and sanitise them the internal surface areas can start to rust within a short few years, and the rust can mark your delicate white laundry items. Rust stains are hard to remove from whites!
A common mistake is to install the laundry chute piping too close to the edges of the floors above without any thought to fire control. There needs to be at least 50-60mm clearance all around the pipe to prevent the spread of fire through the property. If there is a fire downstairs the external pipe can get glowing hot, and therefore when you install the Laundry Chute system the distance to combustibles is a key factor. Building control will normally check to see if the chute has been boxed out using fire boarding, and that a 1 hour fire rated access door is used to prevent the spread of fire to upstairs. It is always wise to consult your local building control department to check on fire regulations before carrying out your installation.
The Air 8 UK Laundry Chute lengths and bends are push fit type so you cannot really go too wrong with them. They push fit together and are secured with a wrap around stainless steel locking band that screws tight with either an allen/hex key or flat screwdriver. Once the parts are securely together they can be secured to the wall using the stainless steel brackets supplied.
If you have the available budget it is good to have a lower closure door fitted. Air 8 provide an auto opening damper for the base of the pipe.that makes a seal once the laundry has passed through it. This damper provides two functions. Function 1 is to prevent dirty laundry or other smells from travelling upstairs; and function 2 is to prevent the spread of smioke in the event of a fire. In pretty much most house fires spread of smoke is the main cause of death.
The main reason to fit a laundry chute is to stop having to walk downstairs with your dirty laundry and have it travel direct to the laundry room, utility or kitchen area. Then apparently there is a laundry fairy that will wash, iron and return them to your wardrobe! We need one of those laundry fairies here.... if only!

Contact Air 8 UK today to go through your project requirements, we normally have a laundry chute solution for everyone, unless you live in a bungalow!
Tel: +44 (0) 1213069481
Email: [email protected]

Posted by Air 8 UK Limited on 30 January 2018 10:41

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